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Our Strategy

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At the Government Digital Service (GDS), our mission is to build a simple, joined-up and personalised experience of government for everyone. Using our unique position at the centre of government, we develop services that work for the user, however complex the underlying systems may be. We believe that ensuring things work for end users is the only way to realise the efficiencies that come with digital transformation.

From our position in the centre of government, we are perfectly positioned to look at the work of digital teams across government to identify where there are common needs for products, platforms and services. By building centrally we can do the heavy lifting to allow departments to focus on building services, rather than having to reinvent the wheel.

Our focus is on delivering five missions in the following areas:

Mission 1: GOV.UK as the single and trusted online destination for government information and services

Mission 2: Joined-up services that solve whole problems and span multiple departments

Mission 3: A simple digital identity solution that works for everyone

Mission 4: Common tools and expert services

Mission 5: Joined-up data across departments

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