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About GDS

We build platforms, products and services that help deliver a simple, joined-up and personalised experience of government to everyone

We do this through GOV.UK, Digital Identity and Government as a Platform to help people interact with government, and support government to operate more effectively and efficiently. We employ more than 800 staff all over the UK, with hubs in Manchester, London and Bristol.


Who we are

GDS is situated at the heart of the Cabinet Office. Since its creation in 2011, GDS has worked with departments and Local Authorities to help in the delivery of services that meet the needs of users, save money, and improve the efficiency of the public sector.  It represents Her Majesty‚Äôs Government (HMG) to industry and other government stakeholders worldwide, as part of the wider Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) function.



  • maintain and develop government information and services on GOV.UK
  • work towards providing personalised, seamless and intuitive online services and information for users through GOV.UK accounts and a digital identity solution
  • build and support common platforms, services, components and tools
  • provide Digital, Data and Technology experts to support government transformation
  • We also maintain and improve these cross-government platforms and tools: GOV.UK, GOV.UK Design System, GOV.UK Notify, GOV.UK Pay, GOV.UK PaaS, GOV.UK Verify, GDS Academy


Our priority is to help government offer user-focused services by supporting cross-government digital transformation. To do this we will:

  • provide vital information and services for users through GOV.UK
  • maintain, iterate and improve the services and tools we provide to the rest of government
  • increase the use of shared platforms and components across government
  • support departments by strengthening their digital capability and providing direct support for major digital projects

Background to Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) in Government 

This is a crucial time for digital, data and technology specialists as the government harnesses digital technologies, skills and tools to transform public services on a global scale. The DDaT Function comprises around 20,000 digital, data and technology colleagues across government, and is rapidly scaling up nationwide in the face of ever evolving societal needs. 

Find out more about the DDaT Profession on GOV.UK